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CBI and material inclusiveness

Addiction to drugs

The theft and smuggling of Iraqi antiquities through history

Analysis of the phenomenon of compactness in Iraq

Linguistics and religious texts - supplemented by the efforts of scientists in the establishment of religious linguisticsHealth culture and social and psychological factors affecting health and diseaseParliamentary elections - Political participation and electoral educationAnalysis of the phenomenon of compactness in Iraqbook fairThe theft and smuggling of Iraqi antiquities through historyAddiction to drugsCBI and material inclusivenessThe Role of Philosophical Ideas in Islamic Cultural Dialogue - Iran and the Arab WorldTRANSLATION IN TRANSLATION: Between text violation and aesthetic receptionIraqi National Security Strategy After LiberationThe right religious approach in selecting honest leadersbook FairHouse of wisdom and Abbasid role in the emergence of centers of wisdom in the Islamic worldPhilosophy and the question of clarity in my intellectual experienceFarabi: Contemporary readingsThe rise of Japan and Germany after the Second World War and the Iraqi situationFederal budget for 2018 what it has and whatRecent trends in teaching in translation departmentsIraqi foreign policy - strengthening Iraq's international standingStudies in social, political, military and economic effects On the Iraqi reality (1917-1958)Priorities of economic reform in IraqThe problematic approach in religious studiesElectronic commerce and its legal problemsDurkheim and his influence on the thought of sociologyThe curriculum of social studies for the primary stage of post-Saddam Iraq Future readingsArabic is a great heritage and great challengesBayt Al Hikma hosts the Rabat-Mohammedi CouncilKnowledge management and decision supportMusic and poetry among Greek philosophers and Muslim scholars - contemporary readingMusic and poetry among Greek philosophers and Muslim scholars - contemporary readingBilingualism - a social approachThe philosophical lesson - Iraqi visionsSociology of Atheism Reading the impact of the civilizational crisisThe suicide phenomenon in the Iraqi's society.. the reasons and the treatmentsLegal Protection of Intellectual Property in IraqFinancing mechanisms for small and medium enterprises in IraqBetween the translation and the novel of Professor Falah Rahim Journey of creativity beats love of IraqContemporary reading in the biography of the Prophet, the incident of Isra and Maraj (model)Arab League and OIC and the need for performance reformPsychology and future policy-makingCapital market in Iraq and its role in attracting investment in securitiesIraq's economic and political reality and the pivotal events of its contemporary history.Medical mistakesThe impact of Western philosophies on the Arab intellectualSober scientific research and publication in international journalsThe Wahhabi attack on the holy city of KarbalaBait Al Hikma Staff Development CourseArab culture between the unity of identity and fragmentationReforming the religious discourse after isis


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Aims & Means

Bayt Al- Hikma Goals
Bayt Al-Hikma deals with studying history of Iraq and the Arabic and Islamic civilization and heritage and used that to serve the present and future, also establishing approaches of dialogue between cultures and religions to spread peace culture, forgiveness value and coexistence between individuals, societies and human civilizations.
It also deals with monitoring and following up political, economical and legal development and its effects on Iraq and Arab nation. And the studies that support human rights and freedom and establishing the democracy value and civil society. Then presenting strategic visions that serve decision – making centers in government and society.
Bayt Al- Hikma means :
-    Support the scientific relations with universities, research centers and government establishments.
-    Translating the latest publications, books, reports and researches into Arabic language to provide the institutes and decision centers.
-    Contracting with authors and researchers to contribute in make and write researchers and translations.
-    Prizes under the title of (Bayt Al-Hikma prize) to be awarded to honor intellectuals and thinkers who serve goals of bayt- al hikma with their writings. 

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Iraq : the option of administrative decentralization or regionalization


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