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Extremism leading to violence and terrorism is a forward-looking approach that calls for a terrorist in Iraq

Reforming the religious discourse after isis

Arab culture between the unity of identity and fragmentation

The Wahhabi attack on the holy city of Karbala

The impact of Western philosophies on the Arab intellectualMedical errorsSober scientific research and publication in international journalsThe Wahhabi attack on the holy city of KarbalaBait Al Hikma Staff Development CourseArab culture between the unity of identity and fragmentationReforming the religious discourse after isisExtremism leading to violence and terrorism is a forward-looking approach that calls for a terrorist in IraqParliamentary behavior between organization and firingSocial networking sites and use them to immunize young peopleThe phenomenon of French President Macaron and its implications for French, European and Middle East policyThe role of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving financial and economic stabilityThe Figure, and its effect in Iraqi human personalityThe round table for dialogue between the Chinese and Arab civilizations and the rejection of extremismManagement of the city of Mosul after liberation ..... A political, social and security visionGood governance in building state institutionsCorruption Perception Index 2016 - Iraq ModelIraq and the United NationsLegal confrontation to address the exploitation of childrenThe variables of financial stability in IraqRe-read the thought of Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr in the light of social and political developments in the bet of IraqThe Palestinian issue / Jerusalem and Israeli violations and settlementMosul civilization and thought Historical and political readingsIssue No. 33 of the Journal of Political Studies and Strategy 2016Issue No. 41 of the Journal of Legal Studies, 2016Issue No. 38 of the Journal of Philosophical Studies, 2016Semiotics between linguistics and sociologyA strategic vision to consolidate the social peace after the liberation of MosulHuman rights critical view of social realityJournal of Historical StudiesChinese Ambassador to Beit HikmaConsciousAl - Mansour University College ExhibitionSimia Religious Weather - A Consequential Approach in the Pilgrimage Between Christianity and Islam, The Road Road is a ModelTo strengthen cultural relations between Iraq and the People's Republic of ChinaExhibition of the book on the sidelines of the Conference of the Presidency of the Council of MinistersCb. Shibley Shamil and Abdul Rahman Badawi read in their philosophical output and their enlightenment thoughtParticipation of the House of Wisdom at Baghdad International Book FairAdvanced Historical Research Methodology And employment in the curricula of the departments of history in Iraqi universitiesLegal protection of individuals from modern means of communicationPolitical Parties LawImplementation of private sector development in Iraq 2014-2030 strategic requirementsRead religious experience in Iran's vision of philosophical thought ContemporaryBaghdad International Book FairArab-China relationsLinguistics between the beginnings of its founding modern schoolsWork and procedures promote integrity in the private sector challengesEducational settingCivil registration and vital statistics and the prospects for development in IraqHouse of Wisdom form an investigative committee and stop publishing and distributing the book


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