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The Iraqi police during 100 years between the struggles of the establishment and the challenges of reality

Interpretation by Shaker Hassan Radi - a lot of specialization and a lifetime of creativity

Solar energy systems in government buildings

Education and the challenges of globalizationImam Martyr Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr Award for Excellence and CreativityWomen's challenges in the Arab world, reality and prospectsThe ideal human according to the criteria of Nahj al-BalaghahOman Over Time: A Country From Renaissance to VisionInterpretation by Shaker Hassan Radi - a lot of specialization and a lifetime of creativitySolar energy systems in government buildingsThe Iraqi police during 100 years between the struggles of the establishment and the challenges of realityA group of publications from the House of Wisdom for the year 2021The Arabic language in Western universities: a new orientalism, or a recognition of its miraculousness?The language of history and the history of language: reviews and culturesArabic Language and Civilizational CommunicationTranslating Rhythm and Rhythm: The Compensation Mechanism in Translating PoetryPsychological capsules for domestic violencePeacebuilding and Genocide PreventionHouse of Wisdom receives students of the Faculty of Arts / Department of PhilosophyArt Education in Primary School Reality and HopeEgyptian foreign policy in IraqHouse of Wisdom receives school studentsMedia and management of local and international crisesvisual icon letterA memorial ceremony for the late Professor Dr. Jamil Musa Al-NajjarMedia and management of local and international crisesThe Iraqi state 1921-2021: achievements, failures, and future managementIraqi youth: problems, challenges and suggested solutionsWays to develop women in state institutionsA lecture on the House of WisdomLifting zeros from the Iraqi dinar. A formal or real measure to reduce inflation rates for the Iraqi economyHouse of Wisdom SuiteSocial and legal responsibility for child care in IraqReading in contemporary atheism - its causes, effects and treatmentThe Contemporary Iraqi State.. Its Roots and ComponentsThe participation of the House of Wisdom in the Najaf ExhibitionMahatma Gandhi and the culture of nonviolenceAl-Nahda Al-Husseiniah as an Approach to ReformA lecture on the Iraqi diplomacyBaghdad Conference for Cooperation and PartnershipSovereign Wealth Funds - The Iraqi Generations Fund is a necessary requirementA lecture on the Iraqi diplomacyThe House of Wisdom receivesNational and international oversight and the media to ensure the integrity of the electionsResearch centers and crisis management in the Arab worldThe future of sociology / critical reviewIraqi-Chinese relations of cooperation and friendshipThe House of Wisdom implements a vaccination campaign for its affiliates against the Covid-19 virusFinancing the housing sector in IraqThe role of women in facing the Corona pandemic and its repercussionsThe Israeli vision of religious discourse in Iraq after 2003 - an analytical approachThe House of Wisdom, the Iraqi cultural heritage and its impact on the European RenaissanceReading in the book Islamic theology in the eyes of German orientalists

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