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The role of women in facing the Corona pandemic and its repercussions

Research centers and crisis management in the Arab world

National and international oversight and the media to ensure the integrity of the elections

The House of Wisdom receives

Peacebuilding and Genocide PreventionState patriotism and identity in IraqThe visual icon's speech between freedom of expression and incitement to hatredThe Hussainiya Renaissance as an Approach to Reform (Contemporary Vision)On the occasion of World Translation DayEducation and the challenges of globalizationThe House of Wisdom receivesNational and international oversight and the media to ensure the integrity of the electionsResearch centers and crisis management in the Arab worldThe future of sociology / critical reviewIraqi-Chinese relations of cooperation and friendshipThe House of Wisdom implements a vaccination campaign for its affiliates against the Covid-19 virusFinancing the housing sector in IraqThe role of women in facing the Corona pandemic and its repercussionsThe Israeli vision of religious discourse in Iraq after 2003 - an analytical approachThe House of Wisdom, the Iraqi cultural heritage and its impact on the European RenaissanceReading in the book Islamic theology in the eyes of German orientalistsShare the House of Wisdom inNano technologies in the areas of improving and developing the environmentHomeland, citizenship and Iraqi identityThe role of the media in shaping gender identityHonoring Ambassador and Professor Mahmoud Ali Al-DaoudYassin Nasr's visit to the House of WisdomMedia and Crisis ManagementDiligence In the field of societal theories and systemsAgricultural policy in Iraq and its role in achieving food securityThe value system in religions and building societiesFor a drug-free IraqProspects for scientific and cultural cooperation between Iraq and the Sultanate of Oman Community Verified iconThe lives of our loved ones are the secret of our existenceMinistry of HealthAvoid feeling anxious and afraidGeneral Population Census - prospective lighting on the road to development in IraqConsolidation of cooperation in the field of scientific research between the House of Wisdom and the University of BasraLinguistic thought in the Arab Islamic heritage and its manifestations in Western linguistic modernityThe 2021 budget billLinguistic thought in the Arab heritage and Western linguistic modernityDiplomacy, defense and future managementThe role of research centers in promoting cultural reality .. Comparative studies between Iraqi, Arab and international research centersModern Iraq 1920-2020 Achievements, failures and future managementLanguage emergence theories - contemporary critical readingsThe Deviation of Financial Enhancement in Iraqs Public Budget: The White Paper as a SolutionUnited Nations Convention against Corruption and Good GovernanceBaytalhikma at Iraq International Book FairThe Iraqi economy and its futureScientific research ... an essential pillar for building a sustainable IraqScientific research ... an essential pillar for building a sustainable IraqSymbolic violence in social mediaThe Sultanate of Oman in a new era and relations with IraqA memorial service for the late Dr. Osama Abdel-Rahman Al-Douri

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