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Language emergence theories - contemporary critical readings

Modern Iraq 1920-2020 Achievements, failures and future management

State patriotism and identity in IraqThe manifestations of language and the term in the discourse of the universal mystical and ceremonial textArab intellectual debates at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the third millennium.Cybercrime law and guarantees to protect and immunize youthMedia and Crisis ManagementDiligence In the field of societal theories and systemsAgricultural policy in Iraq and its role in achieving food securityThe value system in religions and building societiesFor a drug-free IraqProspects for scientific and cultural cooperation between Iraq and the Sultanate of Oman Community Verified iconThe lives of our loved ones are the secret of our existenceMinistry of HealthAvoid feeling anxious and afraidGeneral Population Census - prospective lighting on the road to development in IraqConsolidation of cooperation in the field of scientific research between the House of Wisdom and the University of BasraLinguistic thought in the Arab Islamic heritage and its manifestations in Western linguistic modernityThe 2021 budget billLinguistic thought in the Arab heritage and Western linguistic modernityDiplomacy, defense and future managementThe role of research centers in promoting cultural reality .. Comparative studies between Iraqi, Arab and international research centersModern Iraq 1920-2020 Achievements, failures and future managementLanguage emergence theories - contemporary critical readingsThe Deviation of Financial Enhancement in Iraqs Public Budget: The White Paper as a SolutionUnited Nations Convention against Corruption and Good GovernanceBaytalhikma at Iraq International Book FairThe Iraqi economy and its futureScientific research ... an essential pillar for building a sustainable IraqScientific research ... an essential pillar for building a sustainable IraqSymbolic violence in social mediaThe Sultanate of Oman in a new era and relations with IraqA memorial service for the late Dr. Osama Abdel-Rahman Al-DouriBreast cancer ..... indicators and risk factorsCentral Bank of Iraq and Financial ReformThe human state in thought and legislationWomen and electronic extortionCeremonial Department of Linguistic and Translation StudiesThe social reality in Iraq and the low development indicatorsThe phenomenon of creativity in Iraqi society (Dhi Qar Governorate as an example)The practical problems of arbitration provisions before the Iraqi judiciaryThe civilized situation after the Corona pandemicIs the Corona epidemic nearing the end of globalization and the beginning of a new historical investigation?Studies in language and its implications for identityYouth and the identity crisis in our contemporary realityPublic debt and options for financing the federal budget in Iraq in light of the decline in global oil prices and the continuing Corona pandemicFamilies of terrorists in detention centers ... Immunization and integration mechanismsThe reality and trends of oil prices and their impact on the oil industry in IraqThe future of Iraqi relations with East AfricaCorona pandemic: - Dimensions ... challenges, implications and proposed solutionsCommon moral values ​​in religionsActions taken to alleviate the repercussions of the Corona crisis and return to normalcy

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The "Young Author" winner of #SZBA2020,


The "Young Author" winner of #SZBA2020,

bayt alhikma announced that the researcher Dr. Haider Qasim Matar has won the Sheikh Zayed Prize for the Young Writer for his book (Islamic Theology in German Orientalist Studies - Yusef Van S as a Model)

Issued by Dar Al-Rawafed Cultural Publishers and Ibn Al-Nadim for Publishing and Distribution in 2018. This came with the official announcement made by the Sheikh Zayed Book Award Administration, in which it announced the winners of its fourteenth session for the year 2019-2020, which included six international writers and writers as well as an independent literary magazine A tribute to their distinguished creative and intellectual productions that reflect an intellectual and artistic approach that contributes to enriching the writing movement in contemporary Arab culture.

     The book written by researcher Dr. Haider Qassem Matar is an extensive, deep and accurate study of the science of theology, its definition, origin, flags and basic issues. It is also a study on Western Orientalism and it follows the efforts of orientalists with a focus on the Germans among them, especially “Yusuf Van S” who is considered one of the most important and His most prolific production and encyclopedia, especially in his encyclopedia “Theology and Society in the Second and Third Centuries of Hijra”.

    It is worth noting that Dr. Haider Qasim Matar is one of the distinguished researchers at the House of Wisdom Foundation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Iraq and holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the aforementioned institution and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Court Historical Studies issued by the Department of Historical Studies in the House of Wisdom. We would like to note that a ceremony will be held by the House of Wisdom after the end of the Corona epidemic crisis, God willing, befitting the great achievement of the Iraqi researcher who raised the name of Iraq high in the field of writing and writing despite the circumstances and challenges that our beloved Iraq is going through.

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